Sunday, June 26, 2011

AutoXten What is this?

AutoXTen is a great new opportunity to invest a small amount of $10 one time and have a business to run from home. This is truely a residual income business and now with the "Freedom Phase," it has become even better you will now recieve $1/mo for each active member in your downline 10 deep, with 20% matching bonus 4 levels deep in your downline. Adding to the benifit of a one time cost $10 and no monthly fee which is powerfull all in its self, not having the need for autoship, monthly minimums, just making sure you share and bring in 4 of your own downline to secure a residual income.

So if you are looking for an opportunity that has great residual income that you can work from home and have $10 burning a hole in your pocket, bypass the lottery ticket this week and invest in yourself by you as your lotto or lottery ticket on a sure thing. Matter of fact if you get in now while we are in pre-launch you dont even need $10 you can lock in your spot for free. Just make sure you have got your first 4 by launch, in fact who would not want to take a free membership that will only cost $10 once that will give so much back to you, in the way of residual income what is residual income you may ask? well residual income is being paid for something you either do once or for a little bit of time and get paid for it over and over again. What else do you get for $10 you might ask? You will get training to market your opportunity and if you are like the rest of us you have more then just one opportunity and this will give you ideas to market your other opportunities. with training and residual income you can now have a life.


With all this said AutoXten is the perfect vehicle to help you make your dreams happen again and again. This opportunity is a residual opportunity because the effectivness this this brings residaul happines, we all know 4 kpeople that can drop a 10 spot for their future. To take a look at this opportunity AutoXTen is all you need, If you are just getting into marketing or a seasoned veteran of marketing this will make your breams effortless. If you have any questions please feel free to cotact me through IBOToolBox whitch I will talk about in an upcoming post!

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